Map Making...

Maps for reports, brochures and sign boards.

Digital maps for managing assets and planning.

Spatial analysis using mapping and databases.

Some examples of our work are shown below, please click on each image to enlarge.


Neetmaps can produce a tailored mapping product to meet your specific needs.  We love open source technology and mainly use QGIS to create our maps as it can integrate data from a huge variety of sources together with really great styling and labeling capabilities.


We carry out Spatial Analysis using maps and databases. We very often use SQL queries on data held in PostGIS as it integrates so well with QGIS.  Sometimes we may just simply use some of the amazing functions that QGIS has to offer natively.



However we achieve our goals, we enjoy solving geography “problems” and love reducing a complex real-world question into a set of steps that can be solved using GIS.


We can help you answer simple questions like “how many historic buildings are in my Parish?” or “produce a mailing list of households visually impacted by a proposed development” or even “what is the area occupied by trees over 10m tall that are growing on north facing slopes?”



We always try to use the latest and most accurate data for your needs. There are a huge amount of data available, either as open data or paid for and our job is to help you navigate your way through it all so that you have the most relevant and cost effective data to solve your particular question.

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